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How to get into cooking school

With so many different cooking schools around the country and abroad today, determining how to get into cooking school can be challenging. This is because each school’s requirements are different, and they are based on a variety of different factors. However, just like any other formal school training program, the requirements for entering a cooking […]

What Cooking Methods Preserve the most Nutrients

Cooking has been an important part of humans since the stone-age period. Changing times have transformed cooking methods, becoming sophisticated from using firewood to using electricity. Cookery has become an art, technology, and a craft. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary across the world due to different cultural traditions, environment, and economy. The ways of cooking […]

Why you need to Pursue Culinary Art Career

Career paths are guided by one’s passion. Often they are life-long decisions though sometimes one may change from one career path to another based on the flexibility of their jobs. Since they involve long-term commitments, however, it’s important to take up career choices that are interesting, you are passionate and ever happy working in. The […]

Why Go to a Cooking School

Cooking is a normal and critical everyday chore and when one thinks about is what comes to your mind is simply good food and health. This role has over decades been entitled to only women and girls but due to its evolution to a point of making it a career, it has gained increased interest […]