How to get into cooking school

With so many different cooking schools around the country and abroad today, determining how to get into cooking school can be challenging. This is because each school’s requirements are different, and they are based on a variety of different factors. However, just like any other formal school training program, the requirements for entering a cooking school can vary greatly from one to another. Usually, the top schools in the country requirements are more stringent, while those that are not as popular or as well known may be a little lower to meet when applying to get into them. Therefore, the requirements for getting into a cooking school program can vary from one culinary school and program to another (i.e. Diploma, Associate Degree or Bachelor degree).

Typically, when a student is enrolling in an entry level cooking program, the requirements that they meet are relatively basic. For instance, students will be required to meet the following standards.

Age Required

Individuals who enroll in the beginning level programs must be at least 17 years of age. For more advance culinary training programs, in some schools, the minimum age is 21.

Proof of Education

When students fill out their application for enrollment, they must show proof of high school graduation. This proof can be in at least one of two forms, which includes a high school diploma or a GED. Official high school and official college transcripts are acceptable for meeting these specifications. Home school diplomas and foreign institution diplomas can also be submitted for admission. However, home school diplomas must fulfill the BPPE requirements to be acceptable for admission. Additionally, the foreign diplomas must have official certifications translated with their credential evaluations before the application for acceptance is complete.

International Student Requirements

International students who enroll in cooking school are required to show proof of student visa. The types of visa will vary based on the situation. For instance, if the student is applying for enrollment, they may need a M-1 visa when they are applying. This visa must be forwarded at least 30 days before class begins or the enrollment of the person in their classes will be cancelled.

Transfer Students

In some cases, the student may be attending a program for the first time, but they have had classes that they have completed at another culinary school. When this is the case, each student will need to do their research in advance to see if the new school will accept transfer credits. This should be done as early as possible because some schools do not accept transfer credits. Meaning if the students would still like to attend, they may be forced to start at the beginning of the cooking school programs with no credits.

Degree Requirements

As stated previously, each cooking program can differ since schools can offer several different programs. Therefore, the degree requirements can also change significantly based on the individual’s level that they have acquired. For instance, if the student is enrolling in a Bachelor degree program, the student may need proof of an Associate degree before they can be admitted.


It is also important to note that the cost of each cooking school program can vary so students will need to know what the cost of their tuition will be prior to enrollment. The cost of these programs can range from thousands of dollars per year to tens of thousands of dollars per year to attend. The price that is set is normally based on how long the student is expected to attend the program and the type of program that is being offered. In some situations, the cost of tuition is very high because it is a coveted school to graduate from. Specifically, when the individual is expecting to make top dollar when they graduate. Fortunately, there is a lot of information about tuition and fees that people can review prior to applying for one of these schools.

How to get into cooking school does not have to be challenging. Specifically, because there is quite a bit invaluable information online for people to review online via the schools official site. Therefore, when people want to know what they need to do in order to get into a cooking school, they can start by reviewing the age requirement of 17, the type of diploma or degree that they will need to complete their initial application, their proof education, the prerequisite degree requirements, and the tuition amount requirement that must be met before attending.

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